Adult Volunteers

Until further notice, library volunteering opportunities are not available.

Adult volunteers (minimum age of 18) must be Scotch Plains residents and Scotch Plains Public Library cardholders in good standing.  

Qualifying adults may inquire any time about volunteering to adopt-a-shelf, coming in once a month to straighten and put in order a section of the Adult Room collection. Volunteers choose a favorite area of  interest and devote an hour or two once a month to its upkeep.  

We also welcome adult volunteers on an “as-needed” basis for work such as shelving library materials and helping set up for occasional  library events.   

Inquire in the Adult Room.

Teen Volunteering (Grades 6-12)

Until further notice, in-library volunteering opportunities are not available. Instead, click here to find out how you can volunteer from home! If you have any questions about teen volunteering at SPPL, email our teen librarian

There are three main ways for Scotch Plains and Fanwood students in grades 6-12 to volunteer at the Scotch Plains Public Library.

1. Teen Advisory Board

2. Shelving or Shelf-reading (Not available at this time.)

All teen volunteers interested in shelving or shelf-reading must submit an application, complete an interview and attend two mandatory training sessions before they begin volunteering. Students who need to complete required community service hours or are interested in helping out at the library are welcome to sign up during the first week of each quarter of the year (January 2-January 10, April 1-April 10, July 1-July 10 or October 1-October 9).

Please note that due to the high volume of applicants, weekly positions are not guaranteed and are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Volunteers given a weekly shift will be assigned to shelve recently-returned items or put items in order (shelf-read).

There are several types of volunteer work. We have reoccurring weekly shifts, monthly, shifts and as-needed shifts available.

3. Other Tasks, Monthly or As-Needed (Click here to learn about volunteering opportunities available to teens while the library is not back to normal operations.) 

Volunteers may sign up for specific tasks such as preparing crafts (once a month) or helping at special kids’ programs (as needed). Any volunteers who are interested in taking on these tasks, whether they already have a weekly shelving shift or not, will be notified of opportunities as they become available.

Click here to download a copy of the Teen Volunteer Application.

Click here to view the Teen Volunteer Rules and Procedures.

Volunteers Working with Job Coaches

The library will consider accepting, on a case-by-case basis, volunteers who will report to work with a job coach or certified employment specialist from an accredited educational institution or agency. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. They must be Scotch Plains residents and Scotch Plains Public Library cardholders in good standing, or members of Scotch Plains Public Library’s Next Chapter Book Clubs.

Next Step Library Intern Program

This is a special volunteer opportunity open to a limited number of qualified applicants each year. It affords the opportunity to spend one morning or afternoon working at the library each week (2-3 hours). This program is intended for individuals who have trained at this library with a job coach or certified employment specialist, and are now preparing to volunteer on their own.  Applicants must:

  • Be residents of Scotch Plains and Scotch Plains Public Library cardholders in good standing, or members in good standing of one of Scotch Plains Public Library’s Next Chapter Book Clubs.
  • Have worked at this library with a job coach or certified employment specialist affiliated with a state-approved or state-licensed agency for at least six months before applying for Next Step.
  • Have both the job coach’s and the librarian’s (Head of Adult Services) recommendation, based on the coach’s experience with the applicant, and the librarian’s observations, that the applicant can do the job that he/she has trained with the coach for, independently and with minimal assistance or supervision from the library staff. In addition, the applicant’s demeanor must be appropriate to the library.

Next Step interns must bring needed skills and positive attitude to enrich the library, just as they will derive real-life job experience from their work here. An intern’s participation can be curtailed at any time at the determination of the Library Director or Head of Adult Services. Reasons for such action include, but are not limited to, inability to work independently to the degree required for the task, inappropriate behavior that continues after discussion with the intern, excessive absences that adversely affect the completion of assigned work, and neglecting to call to report absences.