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BOB Jr. Kits

B.O.B. stands for Box of Books. They are ready made book club kits. Each BOB Jr. includes at least 3 copies of a juvenile book and an information sheet.

Who are BOB Jrs for?
BOB Jrs. are for any group that would like to spend some quality time with the same book. This could range from a group of friends to a whole family!

How can BOB Jrs. be used?

There are two basic ways to utilize your BOB Jr. Each person can get a book to read on their own, and then once finished meet together for a discussion. Or the group can get together and take turns reading out loud and discuss the book as they go along. Or any other way you choose!

What BOB Jrs. are available?

SPPL currently owns the followings titles in BOB Jrs. Check the catalog to see what is available.

Early Literacy Kits
Early Literacy Kits are designed to give some of our younger patrons an opportunity for hands-on experience with books and other interactive literacy materials to help further their educational needs on different topics. Each kit includes information and hands-on activities related to the subject.

Early literacy kits are on the following themes:

Kits can be checked out for two weeks at the Children’s Desk with a valid adult library card. View our procedure for checking out one of our kits.

S.T.E.A.M. Kits

We are in the process of updating our S.T.E.A.M. kits 

Maker Kits

Coming soon in 2022!