Telescope Lending Policy

1. The Library’s telescope can be checked out by a SPPL resident card holder who is 18 years of age or older AND in good standing. The cardholder must present current I.D. and proof of address (i.e., a driver’s license or current utility bill) and sign a new Lending Policy and Agreement each time the Telescope is borrowed.

2. The telescope can be checked out for a maximum of one week with no renewal. Once the telescope has been checked out to a particular household, the household members must wait one month before taking it out again.

3. The telescope must be returned inside the library during normal library hours and must be given directly to Adult Services staff when returned. DO NOT leave the telescope outside of the library or in the library’s lobby, or leave it unattended at any library desk.

4. The overdue fine for the telescope is $10.00 per day. Please be aware that library staff must check multiple aspects of the telescope before accepting it back. In addition, all materials contained in the telescope package must be present for the item to be considered returned. If the telescope is overdue 14 days or more, the full replacement cost ($500) will be charged to the borrower.

5. Borrowers must return the telescope and all accompanying materials in good condition. When borrowing the telescope, patrons accept full financial responsibility for it and its accessories while in their possession and understand that they shall be responsible for all costs up to $500 associated with damage to, loss of, or theft of the telescope during the period it is checked out. The condition of the returned telescope will be determined by SPPL staff.

6. The telescope may not be loaned to anyone other than the borrower who signs the agreement with the library. Children should use the telescope only under the supervision of a responsible adult.

7. Please treat the telescope with care, keeping it in a clean, dry, dust-free place and safe from liquids, extreme temperatures, and from being dropped. All covers should be kept attached to the Telescope at all times. Do not attempt to clean the telescope with any chemicals or liquid or store the telescope outdoors. Keep the dust caps on the front of the telescope and on the eyepiece when not in use. Make sure to turn off the viewfinder when not using it.

8. The borrower is responsible for reading the instruction manual for proper care and use of the telescope. The borrower agrees to assume all risks with use of the telescope and not to hold SPPL liable for any damages to the borrower or others as a result of telescope use.

9. Never look directly at the sun with the telescope. Blindness could result.

Observing Resources

Clear Sky Chart – a resource to help you determine if there will be good weather for astronomical viewing in the upcoming days.

EarthSky – night sky observing updates and astronomical news.