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Election Day is November 3, 2020

Important sources of information:

The following guide provides summary information largely from these sources.


The November 3rd General Election will primarily be held through vote-by-mail. Every active registered voter has been sent a ballot with prepaid postage in the mail.

Filling out your ballot:

See how it’s done! Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi demonstrates how to fill out your mail-in ballot in this 4 minute video). (Ballot instructions state that blue or black ink may be used.)

Submitting your mail-in ballot:

There are several options for returning your Vote-by-Mail ballot. You can:

  • Mail your ballot through the USPS on or before Election Day. Ballots will have postage prepaid. The USPS advises that you “check collection times posted on collection boxes and at Post Office locations and retail facilities…Ballots deposited after the collection time won’t be picked up, or postmarked, until the following business day. “
  • Return your ballot in person to the Board of Elections office in Elizabeth or the County Clerk’s offices in Elizabeth or Westfield by 8pm on Election Day (In-person delivery requires a NJ driver’s license or NJ issued ID.)
    • You may have someone else hand-deliver your ballot for you to these locations, but they must complete the “Bearer” information on the outside envelope in your presence, and they can only deliver up to three ballots including their own, or up to five ballots from the same household.
  • Return your ballot to a poll worker at your designated polling location by 8pm on Election Day. If you choose this option, you will need to stand in line and sign the poll book. 

In-Person Voting

Poll Locations will have provisional paper ballot voting only – except for ADA Compliant machines for the disabled. Only persons with disabilities will be permitted to vote on an ADA compliant voting machine. 

Track Your Mail-In Ballot

You can track when the county clerks receive your ballot.

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