Vaccination Information

The information provided by Scotch Plains Public Library and its employees does not imply medical recommendation, endorsement or approval. Information from these sources are intended for use as general information. All consumer health information should be reviewed with your health care professional for clarification about how this information may or may not apply to your unique clinical situation or overall health.

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Centers for Disease Control  (CDC)

The CDC has a collection of resources with vaccination information for parents, including a page on making the vaccine decision, vaccines recommended by age, and what to expect during a vaccine visit .  This information is available in both English and Spanish.

The American Academy of Pediatrics hosts this site which provides information on childhood vaccinations, including vaccine schedules.

Vaccine Information Statements

The Immunization Action Coalition provides links to the CDC’s Vaccine Information Statements in multiple languages. These statements explain both the benefits and the risks of the named vaccine.


Browse the health information in multiple languages page in MedlinePlus to find disease and vaccination information in a particular language.

COVID-19 Vaccines

The NJ COVID-19 vaccine hub and the NIH COVID-19 site provide reliable information for learning more about COVID-19 vaccines. The CDC has a page devoted to explaining mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and how they work. NJ residents and workers may visit the state hub to schedule a vaccine appointment.