Local Author Consideration Form

Local Scotch Plains children’s authors who would like to have their books displayed during our Story Stroll must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No longer than 32 pages
  • Written for children 
  • Donate 3 copies to the library. 2 copies for the Story Stroll and 1 for the library. 
  • Must be in paperback
  • Filled out our Story Stroll Local Author Consideration Form
Our Story Stroll can ONLY accommodate books that are 32 pages in total
At this time, we can only accommodate paperback books. Should there be a time when that changes, we will notify you.
Text should be easy for families to read and ideal for children ages 2 and up.
Please list here any reviews or awards your book has.
At least 2 copies are required for our Story Stroll and 1 copy will be added into the library's collection for families to check out.
Please note that due to conditions beyond our control, we are usually unable to use the books twice.
Someone from our Youth Services Department will contact you and may ask to preview the book first before answering your request.

Please note that someone will get back to you regarding your request.  You may be placed on a waiting list, as we can only accommodate one local author per year for the month of November.