Citizen Science

Anyone, anywhere can participate in meaningful scientific research!

Did you know that you can make meaningful contributions to scientific research- while staying home and staying safe?

Scientists need you to help advance their research goals!

  • The massive collaborations that can occur through citizen science can lead to discoveries that a single scientist could never achieve on their own.
  • The fields that citizen scientists can join include: ecology, astronomy, medicine, computer science, statistics, psychology, genetics, engineering and more!

Watch this short video to see what kind of impact citizen scientists have made by observing the world around them:

April is Citizen Science Month, so it’s a great time to get started with one or more projects!

Get started at, where you will register yourself as a new citizen scientist!

At, you’ll find projects for all ages and interests!

Here are just a few of the amazing variety of projects you can contribute to right now:

Ant Picnic
Inform scientists about global food preferences of ants (or, test natural ant deterrents).

The world’s first game where players help save life on Earth.
Find Planet 9!
View short videos of the backyard of our solar system and flag moving objects.

Globe at Night
Help gather light pollution data.

Document change in weather and climate in your community.
Pollen Nation
Monitor pollen levels across the United States.

Use the Project Finder to locate projects you can get involved in right now!

Try searching for projects that can be done from home or online:

The e-book of The Field Guide to Citizen Science is now available to Scotch Plains Library cardholders to borrow on RBDigital! This is a wonderful introduction and will definitely convince you to give Citizen Science a try!

It’s easy to contribute to several different projects! We hope you will consider joining us in this project that is speeding up Alzheimer’s research:

Sign up for Stall Catchers–and join the Scotch Plains Library team!

Citizen Science occurs when ordinary people like you help to conduct real scientific research. By participating in Citizen Science projects, you can contribute to our understanding of the world and make it a much better place.

Chandra Clarke, Citizen Science advocate