NJ Makers Day

Please enjoy some of these fun screen-free activities to do with your children!

Ages 2-5


Step 1: Combine 1 cup flour and 1/2 cup salt.

Step 2: Slowly stir in 1 Tbsp vegetable oil, 1/2 cup warm water, and 2-3 drops food coloring until well combined.

Step 3: Transfer to a flat surface and let sit for a few minutes. It may be sticky, but the salt will absorb any extra water. After about 5 minutes, knead well. If it is still sticky, add flour 1 Tbsp at a time.

Step 4: Store in an air tight container, in the refrigerator.

Noise Makers

You can customize this activity to suit whatever supplies you have on hand. Using any container (water bottle, two paper plates stapled together, plastic eggs) and some small noisy materials (dried pasta, dried beans, beads). Seal tightly and allow your child to shake away!

Paper Bag Kite

You will need a paper bag, yarn or string, a popsicle stick, scissors, and decorations.

Step 1: Allow your child to decorate the outside of the paper bag.

Step 2: Using a scissors, cut a small slit in the bottom base of the bag.

Step 3: Cut the yarn or string to 18″- 24″ in length. Tie one end to the popsicle stick and thread the other end through the hole in the bottom of the bag, leaving the popsicle inside the bag.

Step 4: Go fly your kite!

Grades K-2

Bubble Science

You will need bubble solution, straw, a surface that can be wet, a cup, and water in a spray bottle

Step 1: Pour some of the bubble solution in the cup so at least half of the straw is covered.

Step 2: Dip your straw in the solution (at least 1/4 of solution) and on an angle try to blow bubbles on the dry surface. What happens? Are you able to create bubbles? Do they pop fast?

Step 3: Now spray your surface with water and try again. Did anything different happen? Can you blow a bubble into another bubble? Are the bubbles small or large?

Pom Pom Drop

You will need pom poms, painters tape, and a mix of empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. For this activity, you can have your child experiment placing empty rolls with the painters tape on your wall. They can create a design and see if the pom poms will fall down from different angels or race to see which one falls down first.

Rainbow Mason Jar Lantern

You will need a mason jar (or any glass jar), difficult color tissue paper, small bowl or plate, wet glue, scissors, sponge or paint brush, and a battery operated tea light candle or twinkle lights.

Step 1: Make sure your jar is cleaned and dry. While it dries, cut up or rip up your tissue paper.

Step 2. Place a generous of glue in a bowl or plate, and have fun gluing the tissue paper to the inside of your mason jar.

Step 3: Once dry, place your battery operated tea light candle or twinkle lights inside and enjoy!

Grades 3-5

Create Your Own Harmonica

You will need 2 popsicle sticks, 3 elastic bands, 1 straw and scissors.

Step 1: Cut two pieces of the straw so they are just longer than the width of your popsicle stick.

Step 2: Stretch out one of the elastic bands so it goes around one of the popsicle sticks (from top to bottom – long wise).

Step 3: Place your straw pieces about a half of inch from each of the end of the popsicle stick with the rubber band (you want them to be placed horizontally so they stick out a little).

Step 4: Place your second popsicle stick on top of the straw pieces and wrap the additional bands on the ends of the sticks, connecting the two popsicle sticks. Now give it a try by blowing air between the two popsicle sticks — just like a harmonica!

Tissue Box Guitar

You will need an empty tissue box (long boxes work better), an empty paper towel roll, elastic bands, a marker or pen, tape, scissors, and an X-Acto knife (Note: X-Acto knives should be handled by an adult only)

Step 1: Remove the top cellophane or cardboard from the tissue box (you may need to use scissors)

Step 2: Put the paper roll on the short side of the tissue box and trace the circle with your pen or marker, cut out the circle.

Step 3: Place the paper towel roll inside the tissue box about 2 to 3 inches in. You may need to use tape to hold it in place.

Step 4: Add your elastic bands around the long side of the box. Make sure there is at least one elastic band around each side of the paper towel roll.

Step 5: Decorate your guitar and you’re all set!

Tin Can Windsock :

You will need scissors, ribbon, twine, an empty soup can with no sharp edges, paint, a paint brush, misc. paper, plastic jewels or gems (not required) and a glue gun. To string your handle you will need a hammer and long nail (Note – this should be a supervised activity and your child may need help)

Step 1: Create holes using the hammer and nail on the closed side of the can (bottom of the can).

Step 2: Paint the tin can and cut out shapes from your paper which are smaller than the can (you can do a heart, leaf, etc.)

Step 3: Using the glue gun, decorate your tin can using your cut outs or jewels.

Step 4: Create a handle by placing your string through the nail holes that you previously hammered. Tie a knot on the inside of the can to keep it attached.

Step 5: Glue ribbons to the inside of the open part of the can.