Study Rooms


1. You must sign up for one of the rooms in order to use it. The sign-up sheet is located at the reference desk.
2. You may sign up for a room at 10 minutes before the hour you wish to occupy it.
3. The library will enforce a strict 2 hour limit from 9-2 and 6-9, and a 1 hour limit from 2-6. Notify us if you do not need the room for the full time. Time slots begin and end on the hour.
4. We will permit one sign-up per adult (over age 18) per day. A person may sign up for one room only.
5. The adult who signs up must be in the room the entire time. Once that person leaves the room for 5 minutes, it will become available to others.
6. The room must be vacated after your time limit is reached to allow for walk-ins.
7. At times the rooms may be used for library activities or scheduled events and will not be available for sign-up.